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During the course of my career, I have represented individuals, companies and corporations in a variety of disputes.  These include contractual disputes, contested probate matters, personal injury claims, landlord-tenant disagreements, claims of defective construction, and neighbor disputes.  I received my training at Boston law firms where I generally represented corporations.  I also worked for a corporation where I supervised outside litigation counsel in legal actions involving the corporation. I have also represented average people in actions against corporations.

Through this broad experience, I have had the opportunity to litigate matters against a variety of lawyers and appear before numerous judges in many different types of cases.  When I meet with a client to discuss potential litigation, I put all of this experience to use. Generally, I am able to apprise the client of the nature of the dispute, the legal principles involved, the type of discovery (depositions, interrogatories, document request) that can be anticipated and possible costs.

Then, as discovery progresses, I like to apprise the client of developments and the impact of discovery on the case.  My approach is to be totally honest with the client as the case progresses.



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